AIR Nursing Cover Mint Green

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  • The cover is made of a thin and light muslin fabric, which allows the baby to feel comfortable during breastfeeding;
  • The strap around the neck is adjustable to your comfortable height;
  • A large gap formed by cover arc allows you to monitor the nursing and keep eye contact with the baby;
  • A storage bag is included, you can compactly pack the cover and keep it even in a small bag or basket.

⁃ machine or hand wash at a temperature not exceeding 30 ° C
⁃ do not dry in a washing machine or dryer, as well as at high temperatures (for example, on a battery or in a dryer)
⁃ muslin - a delicate fabric, after washing it may seem that it has settled, but it should be dried - it immediately returns to its previous size! We recommend ironing immediately after drying.
⁃ It is important not to bend the arc that serves as a window in the cape in the opposite direction. When folding into a bag, bend it in the direction in which it is curved

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